Rein Chains

These are attached between the Romal reins and the bit. They telegraph a refined signal to the bridle. The effectiveness of the chains is directly related to the Romal reins. The reins should be of a similar weight to the chains attaining a balanced feel. This is achieved through the elaborate braiding of buttons and barrels along the reins from the bit towards the Romal. In addition to this enhanced signal, they create distance from the horse’s mouth keeping the rawhide out of harms way.

A safeguard to protecting your chains and Romal reins is to create a latigo connector between the end of the reins and the chain. This loop strip of leather (approx. 3” to 4”) long weighing only a few grams, has two holes at either end. The strip is threaded through the ends of the reins and in turn the hook of the rein chain connected. The other end of the rein chain then links to the bit with the swivel hook. In the event the chain or, Romal get caught in any way, the latigo will break first.

Romals may be braided with rawhide connectors which are fixed directly to the reins. Rein chains don’t tend to be used with these, however the rawhide connector can be removed and the rein chain linked directly to the bit (or using a breakaway connector as above). Rein Chains