Romal Reins

Romal reins provide one continuous piece of braided rawhide which is folded into two to form a loop rein. At the mid-point of the loop is the Romal attached either with leather or a rawhide connector. This separate extension of rawhide similar to a quirt. It Incorporates similar button designs towards the end providing weight and balance. The Romal is heavier and normally of a bigger diameter.

  • Romals may be braided with rawhide connectors and which are attached directly to the bridle (Rein chains don’t tend to be used with these)
  • Romals may be braided with loops which attached directly to rein chains and in-turn the bridle (using a breakaway connector as above, if preferred)

If using rein chains the Romal reins should be of similar weight to help balance chains on the bridle. This balance, is achieved through the elaborate braiding of buttons and barrels along the reins, from the bit towards the Romal.

Romal reins