Fast Back Ropes, Accessories & Caps

Each Fast Back rope is individually made by hand at our shop in Granbury, Texas, USA. Each rope consists of different types and amounts of nylon and/or polyester fibers. The proper combination of fiber is pulled for each rope and then twisted into three or four strands. These strands are spun into three or four strand “rope bodies”. This all happens on the rope machine and is handled by the highly skilled and trained rope makers. These raw bodies are then waxed in a hot wax pot. After waxing, they cool and sit for at least 24 hours. The next step is the tying room. Here all knots are hand tied: back knots, crown knots, and eyes. The rawhide burners are hand sewn and tail tags are put on. The ropes are then coiled.Once they are coiled, the finished ropes are powdered and must sit on the finish rack for at least 24 hours before shipping. Each step is closely monitored for quality and consistency. Each member ofthe production team is highly skilled at his job and takes pride in his work. All Fast Back ropes are proudly made in America.